Tropical Food and Drink Recipes

About Captain Coconut

Captain Coconut…

was created by two “Lady Foodies”. They want to share their passion and love of food and cooking with the world, so they can express themselves on the Captain Coconut blog.

Captain Coconut specializes in tropical food and drinks since his creators both live on islands in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida.

Zoe learned to cook from her Italian born aunt, who came to America at age 5. Her aunt taught her to be creative with herbs and spices. Zoe has applied her knowledge of unusual spices and herbs to island cuisine.

Nikki started to live her love of food at a very young age; she opened her first restaurant when she was age 4 and made sure that all of her dolls and stuffed pets came to eat there.

Knowing that it would set the foundation for her career, she attended culinary art school, where she learned the skills and techniques that she later utilized when she became a personal chef.

Join Zoe and Nikki on their journey with Captain Coconut and explore new tastes and flavors.

Are you ready to set sail ?


Let’s begin the voyage!


Captain Coconut


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